About Me

Hi, I’m Kevin, a Product Designer in Boston, MA. Over the past seven years I've launched and scaled web and mobile products for startups and enterprise companies, including Pivotal Labs, Hudl, the US Air Force, and Partners Healthcare.


  • Facilitating user interviews
  • Defining user personas and user journeys
  • Creating and validating prototypes
  • UI & interaction design
  • Usability testing
  • CSS, SASS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails


  • UI: Sketch / Figma / Adobe Creative Suite
  • Prototyping: Invision / Framer.js
  • Version control: Git / Abstract
  • Project management: JIRA / Pivotal Tracker / Trello
  • Spec: Zeplin
  • Quantitative data: Google Analytics, Appsee

Case Studies

Talks & Workshops I've given

Product Design Process


Understand and align on goals


  • Understand business, product, technical goals
  • Stakeholder map exercise
  • Risks and mitigations exercise

User research


  • Exploratory interviews
  • Proto-personas
  • Day-in-the-life / user scenarios

Brainstorm how to solve the user’s needs


  • Design studio
  • Create wireframes and prototypes

Validate whether solution concepts meet users' needs


  • Low-fidelity UI
  • Test prototypes and get user feedback

Identify MVP to start building product


  • High-fidelity UI
  • Beta release plans
  • Assumptions tracker

Build and release product iteratively


  • Continue to meet with users
  • Increase design fidelity by creating a style guide

Strive for quality

Product designers should pore over each detail and ensure that the team strives for high quality design work.

User Centered Design

Product designers should be in close contact with users and advocate for their needs to ensure that valuable software is being built.

Build the right thing

Features should be built incrementally and released early and often to ensure that product assumptions are being validated by actual users.

Continuous Improvement

Product teams should apply tight feedback loops not only to the products they work on, but also towards improving their teams.