Kevin Chang Freelance UX Designer

Kevin Chang Freelance UX Designer

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Slow motion video analysis

I led the design for Ubersense, an iOS and Android app that lets athletes record themselves in slow motion and use analysis tools to help them improve.

Product Design iOS & Android Sports Tech

About Ubersense

Ubersense is an app that lets coaches and athletes record slow motion video so they can analyze their technique. The iOS and Android apps have been downloaded over 4 million times and is used by the US Olympic Bobsled team. Ubersense was acquired by Hudl in 2014.

My Role & Responsibilities
  • User research, customer visits
  • Prototypes, wireframes, UI/UX
  • Product design for iOS and Android features
  • Marketing collateral (branding, website, brochures, presentations)
Process Overview

Stakeholder Alignment


User Research


Wireframes & Prototypes


Usability Testing


Implement UI

I worked closely with the CEO and VP of Product to design the features of the iOS and Android apps.

For each feature, I conducted user research to understand user needs and then translated research insights into feature ideas, user flows, and UI.

After usability testing, I worked closely with the engineering team to implement the designs.

Design Challenges

Over the few years that our team worked on Ubersense, we amassed over 4 million app downloads. The app attracted many types of users, such as the US Olympic Bobsled team to golf coaches who built their businesses around creating annotated videos. The problems our users faced directly impacted our product roadmap. The following are some of the design challenges that I faced when designing the app:

How might we make it easy to tag and find videos? (some users had thousands of videos across multiple tagged athletes)

How might we make it easy to store large video files in the cloud and reduce phone storage space?

How might we build expressive annotation tools so that coaches have everything they need to analyze their athletes' technique?

Scrubber Demo Prototype

This prototype mimics the slow-motion scrubber on the mobile devices

High-fidelity UI

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