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Kevin Chang UX Designer & Front-end Developer

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Harvard Medical

Improving the way chemists analyze their data

I designed and developed a web app for chemists to better understand the relationships between hosts and bacteria.

About Harvard Medical School

At the Clardy Lab within the Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School, a number of researchers isolate bacteria from hosts to understand how small molecules control biological processes.

My Responsibilities

The lab was looking for a developer who could not only create an application, but also a designer that would create a solution that put their processes first. I was hired to design and develop their web application and research database.

Design Challenge

The team cobbled together a number of Excel spreadsheets to document the hosts and bacteria and also to understand how different bacteria are related to each other. While Excel is easy to input structured data, it doesn't have any tools to help the researchers make sense of their data.

The new solution I came up with had to be as easy as Excel to input data as well as improve the way researchers find connections between different bacteria.

How might we simplify the way Clardy Lab researchers input and make sense of their data?

End Result

I created a web app that allows researchers to:

  • add information about hosts, bacteria, assays, and tested plates
  • navigate between hosts, bacteria, assays, and tested plates to see how they relate to each other
  • import and export their data

Mapping out the data relationships
Turning spreadsheets into a flow for entering data

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