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Reducing delivery theft

I helped BenchSentry, a startup in the home security space, design and launch their mobile and Raspberry Pi apps.

About BenchSentry

BenchSentry creates an internet-enabled lock box that you can leave on your porch to protect your deliveries. From their phone, Bench owners are able to monitor their Bench for suspicious activity and grant others, such as a delivery driver or a family member, access to the Bench to store and retrieve packages.

My Responsibilities

BenchSentry was looking for a designer who could not only create UI, but also help define product requirements and work closely with their developers. I was hired to design their iOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi-enabled apps.

Project Goals
  • Create a cohesive user experience between the mobile apps and Raspberry Pi app
  • Create a modern visual language that is consistent across multiple platforms
Design Challenges

For this release, we identified two target users: Bench owners, and a delivery driver. Through interviews with local homeowners and delivery drivers from USPS, UPS, and FedEx, this led the team to two overarching design challenges:

How might we give Bench owners the confidence that their deliveries are safe while they are away from home?

How might we make it simple for delivery drivers to securely leave packages?

End Result

We ended up creating an app that gives Bench owners peace of mind knowing that:

  • they can add deliveries that can be tracked
  • they can remotely see who is opening their Bench
  • they can be notified when their Bench is opened
  • delivery drivers can leave packages in the Bench instead of leaving them unattended

Select screens from the iOS app
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